Tell Fox News: Fire Liz Trotta, who said women in uniform should "expect" to be raped

And issue an apology to all American Female Military Personnel

On February 12, Fox News contributor Liz Trotta said, on air, that women in the military should “expect” to be raped.

Trotta cited as evidence a new Pentagon report on sexual abuse in the military: “I think they have actually discovered there is a difference between men and women. And the sexual abuse report says that there has been, since 2006, a 64% increase in violent sexual assaults. Now, what did they expect?

What they expect is to be treated with respect, and given the honor and dignity they have earned by serving their country. What they did not and do not expect is to be raped or sexually assaulted simply because of who they are.

Please join us on behalf of all rape survivors and sign our petition demanding Fox News fire Liz Trotta for these outrageous comments and issue an apology to all female military personnel.


We demand that Fox News immediately dismiss Liz Trotta and issue an apology to every woman serving in the armed forces of the United States.
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11364 Wed Feb 15 23:53:31 EST 2017 Joy Ruth Liz Trotta has no business working for FOX news as a contributor or in any role! Women in the military deserve respect. Trotta demonstrated her complete lack of respect. Fire her.
11363 Sun Jan 11 02:53:02 EST 2015 Mara Zakrajsek
11362 Thu Oct 30 15:09:54 EDT 2014 Evans Pate Jr
11361 Tue Oct 21 14:42:01 EDT 2014 Evans Pate Jr Ms. Trotta panders to the lowest common denominator in human realtionships and belittle both men and women in the armed services with her remarks. This is typical for a Fox News person despite all their More....
11360 Thu Sep 11 04:08:04 EDT 2014 Mary McKenna
11359 Thu Sep 04 11:16:19 EDT 2014 Isannah Challinor
11358 Thu Sep 04 08:29:45 EDT 2014 Jeffrey Vrtis
11357 Thu Sep 04 01:43:11 EDT 2014 Giselle Cazaux
11356 Wed Sep 03 23:55:42 EDT 2014 Denise Saraceno How could anyone think this is acceptable?
11355 Wed Sep 03 23:51:19 EDT 2014 Anonymous Fire her, fire her now out of a cannon.
11354 Wed Jul 30 10:19:28 EDT 2014 Anonymous
11353 Wed Jul 09 23:52:11 EDT 2014 Anonymous Fox News is a waste of time if you want real news.
11352 Fri Jun 13 05:22:26 EDT 2014 Anonymous
11351 Wed May 28 11:27:22 EDT 2014 Evans Pate Jr 203 -->202Ms. Trotta has her free speech rights as does everyone else, but even free speech has consequences, and someone who insults millions of active duty personnel and veterans needs and deserves to be fired.
11350 Fri May 23 10:34:03 EDT 2014 Sherrell McKinnon Liz Trotta is a traitor to the US Military!
11349 Wed Apr 09 00:26:22 EDT 2014 Anonymous
11348 Fri Mar 14 06:11:51 EDT 2014 Anonymous
11347 Wed Mar 12 23:09:53 EDT 2014 Barbara Miller Liz Trotta has done nothing to change my opinion of FOX "news" as anything BUT news and is merely a puppet of right wing extremists. Yours is a message of hatred, fear and total disrespect for our country. More....
11346 Tue Mar 11 08:14:10 EDT 2014 Ellis Keen If your network expects the respect from your viewers you you should honor and show respect for all who defend our great nation.
11345 Mon Mar 10 22:54:45 EDT 2014 Nicole Buis
11344 Mon Mar 10 22:40:12 EDT 2014 Sevigne Morris
11343 Wed Feb 19 10:46:13 EST 2014 deborah sieh Protect our military personnel from rape. There should be a safe reporting system.
11342 Tue Feb 18 17:50:44 EST 2014 Eleanor Gray-coe This ignorant and biased woman should be fired. While an 8 year old dependent of a career USMC CWO, I was repeatedly molested by an NCO acquaintance of my father. He molested me and my friends. The only More....
11341 Mon Feb 17 02:54:38 EST 2014 Joyce Love I cannot believe she had the nerve to say this on tv she should to be a shame of herself , what is wrong with a woman having pride and honor in herself and wanting to serve and protect , my son is in More....
11340 Fri Jan 24 11:22:33 EST 2014 Morris Stith How can the military not see this as a major problem and a crime - I am disgusted by the lack of action on the military part not protecting woman and men who are raped - the perpetrators need to be bought More....
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