Investigate the Pentagon for Intentionally Misleading the Public About Sexual Assault Cases!

I was raped by an Army soldier while unconscious. A year later, I was shocked to learn that my rapist had videotaped the assault.

I reported the rape to the authorities. He confessed. The military told the civilian DA they would handle my case, but then declined to prosecute him. In 2014, the Army told me they would reconsider their decision not to prosecute. However, while they were supposedly reviewing my request, they allowed him to separate, so he could no longer be prosecuted.

We’ve recently learned that this was not an isolated event. In July 2013, Admiral James Winnefeld testified before Congress to present data and spin the story of military brass being tough on crime. This testimony was used to quash major military criminal justice reform. However, a new AP investigation and Protect Our Defenders report have exposed that the Pentagon misled Congress with bogus data to block reforms that I know are needed.

There is strong support for reform from veterans’ groups, the majority of the public, and a bipartisan majority in the Senate.

Now I, along with thousands of other survivors, am calling on President Obama to ensure all servicemembers have access to a fair, impartial system of justice.

Please join with us and ask President Obama to stand with survivors now, and fix this broken system before he leaves office.

-Samantha Jackson, Survivor