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Protect Our Defenders Foundation Legal Services Program

Protect Our Defenders Foundation has created a network of lawyers and POD staff willing to assist survivors of military sexual assault and sexual harassment – including service members, veterans, and U.S. civilians assaulted by members of the military -- and bystanders and whistleblowers who are suffering retaliation for intervening or reporting sexual assault or harassment, at no cost. Please fill out the form below to assist us in trying to provide such pro bono (free) legal counsel or casework assistance for you.

Due to the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that everyone will be afforded legal counsel. As resources allow, casework assistance may be provided by POD staff where legal counsel is not appropriate or available.

In addition, please understand that if you are referred to a pro bono lawyer, that attorney will discuss the precise terms of the legal representation and will have you sign a document describing your legal relationship.

Until such time as that occurs, you should continue to pursue alternatives, particularly if your legal needs are urgent.

Please provide as full and complete information as possible. A red asterisk indicates a required field. 

Thank you.